Within the immense beauty of our Parana Delta, the “Tres Bocas Tourist Area” is the  only  zone where a great number and variety of tourist services and activities are  concentrated.   Select from a variety of restaurants for a meal or snack, spend an  incredible day walking  around, and, if you like, you can choose to stay the night in one  of our hotels, houses or  cabins that are available for rent. 
 During your stay you can participate in a number of activities: trek the island woodlands  with a qualified guide; rent boats or canoes, with or without lessons; visit the crafts fair,  in which a variety of interesting creations are exhibited by the island’s many artists;  peruse  the neighborhoods to admire the lovely  island houses and their beautiful gardens;  or simply  rest and relax in the best natural environment the  Delta has to offer.

 General markets, bakeries, maxi kiosks and delivery  of delicious homemade foods are  also available for  your convenience. 

 In short, here you will find everything you need in  order to get to know and enjoy the  Delta  at it’s fullest.

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